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Your work here is outstanding. (Anon).


looks great man B.B.


Looks great. I am impressed. You have put a lot of time and work into the software. C.T.


You've got a very nice product. RL.


Big pat on the back for you. You have a great product. (Anon)


Imho, you do have an ace and it's not MP. Your work there is brilliant but look at me... I'm not interested in that and I'm telling you that this is hot. (Anon)


I took a look at your site. Excellent stuff. I collect trading software like some people collect baseball cards. I think I'm going to have to buy your software. I'm quite happy with my current setup but as a fellow programmer, I can tell you have spent a great deal of time and effort on your product that goes well beyond what I currently use. JP.


Your ATrader is great value for the dollar. Of course you know that. BR.


I think that you are doing a nice job with what you have already and I think you seem to want to improve on what you have. RB.


Meant to say thanks for putting in the "Cross Hairs" and making the elimination of trend lines a lot easier. Nice to have the improvements in the areas that I use all the time.Thanks, JC


May you and your family have a great New Year. May it be as great as your software continues to be. Anon.