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Advanced Distribution Profiling


Atrader offers the MOST comprenhensive subset of market distribution features available in a complete off the shelf charting package, comparable to many custom add ons costing 20 times the price. Distribution profiling includes the values areas, LVA, UVA, the point of Control POC, the Opening Range, the Open and the Close. Distributions include Time/Price and Tick Price. Tick Distributions are available using brackets customisable by the user, typically 5,10, and 20 brackets. ATRADER Also offer VWAP analysis.


Creating a distribution.



Globex Session Distributions.


Distributions can be split into day and night sessions. Here the lower case characters are corresponding to the overnight session. This shows a complete Globex session in a single distribution.



Custom Session Distributions.


Distributions can configured with a custom session. Here is one of the 7.30-4.30 EST session. Note the uvxy prints on the start of the profile.



Alphabetic Shifted Distributions.


Distributions can be split into single periods to help to improve clarity. Here O indicates the open of the day session of the US future ES contract. The light and dark ranges indicate the value areas. Shown is a alphabetic and a volume distribution back to back. Inbetween are the Initial Balance Range, the Opening Range, and the Value Area. The Point Of control is drawn for both distributions.



Trendlines on Distributions


One can overlay charts onto distributions. Here is a trendline drawn on a distribution chart, together with a simple line chart of the closing price. This chart scales with the profile. Here we also demonstrates the separate globex session of the ES future contract.



Distribution bracketing


Distribution bracketing enables fast visualisation of market brackets and potential brekout areas. The brackets are visible with a daily overlay if required. This is one of the MOST powerful features of the package and gives fast visualisation as a trade develops. Here is a weekly distribution for the past 3 weeks with an overlaid cummulative.



Overnight distributions.


Overnight activity is key in establishing the motives of the 'other time frame' (see Dalton) trader. Looking at the overnight this is often clearly visible pre market.



Complex distributions are available with complex chart overlays


Complex Distributions and Overlays



Intraday Distributions


Intraday periodic distributions are available with a daily overlay to keep track of the bigger picture as it develops. Notice the distribution chart is overlaid onto a candle chart as distributions is integrated into the chart windows, unlike most other packages where the distribution is a separate window. This allows integration of the distribution with the price bars.



Multiday Distributions


Distributions can be multiday. Here is a chart of a 2 day distribution.



ES VA Profiling


Value Area profiling clearly show value areas. Value area represents the area where 70% of the days trade was facilitated.



Coloured Block Distribution


The periods can be split into coloured blocks. Here is a 2 day multi day distribution shown as coloured blocks.



Profile Bracketting


Profile Brackets 30/10/5 With a volume study and RSI study overlaid on the volume study. A bracketted profile is a profile of the last n days, in this case we have 30 days, then 10 days, the 5 days.



VWAP Analysis


ATRADER has VWAP (volume weighted average price) analysis. Watch the VWAP and the POC trade intraday over daily, overnight, and multi day periods.