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C++ Programing


ATRADER supports C++ Programming. Custom indicators can be programmed using Visual C++ 2008. Visual C++ can be downloaded free from the Microsoft website.


Very Complex indicators can be created. The programmer has full access to all the callbacks within the ATRADER core framework. The user can update his indicator on every new bar created and every real time tick received from the market. The programmer can either use the standard bar painting routines or use all the colours and drawing routines using the full screen screen device context. This provides ultimate flexibility to experienced programmers.


External indicators are implemented by compiling the indicator into an external dll interface. To add an external Indicator use the External Indicator study type in ATRADER.


1) Create your external indicator from the data series in Visual C++.




2) Register your custom indicator using the custom object and recompile the ext.dll library. A number of samples are included, including the full code for these indicators, here we can see we have included the custom indicators ExtMovingAverage2 and ExtCCI.



3) Once you have created your indicator and recompiled your dll, you can include it in ATRADER when you are trading. Select the external indicator using the External study type.



The External object dialog pops up. Here you can select your custom indicator that you have programmed in your dll and registered with the custom object factory. A number of samples are included, here we can see we have registered the custom indicators ExtMovingAverage2 and ExtCCI, which are shown as External Indicators.




4) The resultant study is displayed on the lower window.