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Data Providers


Atrader offers various data connectivity options of varying quality. Please choose which ever meets your trading requirements. We are a professional product used by professional traders, and have carefully selected our data connectivity based on traders needs, so you can be sure you are the best the current market offers, with no hassle and full optimisation with these feeds.



DTN IQFeed (Recommended Option)


This is the ATRADER data feed for full time professional traders. If you not requiring any other particular vendor type, please sign up here as your default provider.


DTN provide full tick update and backfill service for up to 500 simultaneous streaming symbols.

This is subscriber based feed and subscription and exchange fees will apply.





Interactive Brokers.


Interactive Brokers provide a semi sampled full tick update and backfill service for 125 simultaneous streaming symbols.

(Note that Interactive Brokers do not provide all ticks and use a 300ms minimum tick sampling method). However their throughput is often far better than that officially quoted.

You are required to have a Interactive Brokers trading account to use their datastream, exchange fees will depend on your account status.


ATRADER Interactive Brokers Support



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