Welcome to ATRADER

Charting Platform for trading of equities, currency and commodity futures

Basic Charting Features


ATRADER provides extensive high resolution charting of securities. ATRADER has extensive capabilities of indicators and customisable overlays.Some configurable indicators include Moving Averages, Bollinger and Keltner bands, Stochastics, MACD, CCI, RSI, REI, ADX, and Volume.


Typical chart of the SP500 mini future with a moving average.



Unlimited Charts

ATRADER allows you unlimited charts, only limited by your imagination. ATRADER offers true session management. Whilst other charting products skip or add bars (often depending on data vendor) when they shouldnt ATRADER gives you true, accurate data. Get your trendlines in sync with the pros.


Typical chart of the SP500 mini future on the GLOBEX session with a moving average, volume study and MACD.


Ultimately Configurable Charts

ATRADER allows you the possibility to configure colours and themes as you desire.


Typical chart of the SP500 mini future with a moving average and volume study.


Intraday and Daily Charts of Stocks, Futures and Options.

ATRADER allows you to create intraday and daily charts.


Typical chart of the Gold EFT and a moving average.


Complex Charts and Overlays are possible.


A chart of the SP500 mini future with a volume sub study, with 2 overlaid studies including a distribution on the main graph, and an overlaid ADX on Sub Study 1.