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ATRADER has a custom trend following system called EMINI Shark. This can be used on a combination of time frames, 1min, 5min, 6min, 60 minutes or a combination of both.The system displays green triangle for a buy and red signal for sell. The system helps trading discipline and gives the user clear indications which way the trend is moving and helps the user trade with the trend.


The Trend is Your Friend.






ATRADER has a fully automated Algorithmic Trading System, fully integrated with Strategy Trader's Automated Order Management System (OMS) and the EMINI SHARK Trading System. Upon signals from the EMINI Shark System ATRADER will send your trades to you broker automatically and manage your position, including stop orders and multiple target orders. The EMINI SHARK ALGORITHMIC TRADER uses custom algo rules for selection of trades and custom execution rules for selection of position management. When these rules are validated a trade is sent to ATRADERS Strategy Trader (OMS) and the position is automatically managed until completion.


This is a fully Automated Algorithmic Trading system, all the user does is turn on and off EMINI SHARK ALGORITHMIC TRADER, it really is that simple. This feature is only available to subscribers of the EMINI SHARK ALGORITHMIC TRADER. Typically EMINI SHARK ALGORITHMIC TRADER will trade DOW, SP500, EURO, GOLD, SILVER, GBP, CAD, AUD, BRE futures but the algorithms can be tweaked and it will trade generally any product that is available through your selected broker.


EMINI SHARK ALGORITHMIC TRADER can be set to trade a single timeframe, it can also trade a shorter timeframe, but trade with a direction from a longer timeframe. For example trade long when the 15min chart is long, and trade short when the 15min chart is short. That way you are again trading with the trend. EMINI SHARK ALGORITHMIC TRADER can set to trade from up to three timeframes incluing a daily chart. By using the three timeframes, shark is always trading with the trend, for example the 1min, the 30min and the daily.


EMINI SHARK ALGORITHMIC TRADER can be set to trade a multiple instruments, simultaneously. EMINI SHARK ALGORITHMIC TRADER can be set to trade one instrument off another, so trade the SPY shares using the ES future as an indicator. EMINI SHARK ALGORITHMIC TRADER can also trade US Equity shares so you can trade a stock such as GOOG or NFLX, using the same strategies, algos and profit/stop loss targets for entry and exit.







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